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L&M Forestry is a family owned and operated limited liability corporation based out of Southington, Ohio. We have been in the woods for over 30 years providing you second to none service.

We are a father, brother, and son team with a passion for trees.  We believe that your wooded lot should be cut out every few decades to promote healthy growth - this is how we have been able to cut multiple times on the same properties.

We are very well known in the northeast Ohio, Youngstown Warren area, for providing our clients the BEST price on split firewood. Most suppliers in the area forget why people started burning wood for heat to begin with - to save money! Our families burn wood, and believe that it is the best method to heat your homes, so we make it affordable for our communities.

We are buyers of standing timber, and we are known for the best pricing, and service in the industry. Again, we have a passion for trees, and we believe that there is nothing more relaxing than nature, especially when it's in your own backyard!

We offer 2 basic services: complete land clearing, and selective harvesting.  

Complete land clearing is primarily used for building new structures, homes or businesses, or for farmers who just purchased acreage and are looking to turn it into farm land. 

Selective harvesting is our preferred method of cutting, as it thins down the density of your woods to promote healthy growth of the best trees in your area.

Feel free to reach out to us, we would be more than happy to discuss options for your properties.


Selective Harvesting

Our family specializes in selective harvesting your property to maintain a healthy, growing wooded area.

Complete Land Clearing

We might best known in the industry for our complete land clearing service. Whether you're building new structures, or prepping to plant a new field, we're your guys.




We sell firewood poles, as well as split wood. Pricing starts at $135 picked up. Delivery is available - call us for pricing.

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